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Fake Shooting

Fake Shooting is a casting couch site which features hot European amateurs. Some of these women have more experience on camera than others, but there are definitely some genuine first-timers in the mix. You can tell the real amateur from the pro by how she acts on film. The amateurs are obviously nervous, and often stare up at the ceiling or look around the room while they’re being fucked rather than make eye-contact. In other words, they’re completely disinterested in the whole affair. And to cap it off, they often react with disgust as the guy blows his load. You will see a prime example of this in the most recent Fake Shooting scene which features a cute brunette amateur by the name of Miroslava. Most amateurs, including this 19-year-old, tend to be a wee bit squeamish when it comes to facials, and cumshots in general. At least when the camera’s rolling. When the casting director sidles up to Miroslava and drops his load all over her perky tits, she has an unmistakable expression on her face which says “is this really what my life has become?” Today you can subscribe to Fake Shooting for the cheap price of just $8.33 per month when you purchase a 1-year membership. The cost of this 1-year plan is $99.95 which is paid in 1 convenient installment. If you opt for this yearlong deal your overall cost is reduced by 74%, and you’ll save an average of $22 per month. You also have the option of a reduced monthly subscription for $19.95 which saves you $10 per month. Your membership also includes access to 6 additional porn sites at no extra cost. Click here to subscribe to Fake Shooting for cheap.

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