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Fake Police Officer

While some people dress up as police officers for Halloween, the guy behind the scenes at Fake Cop does it on a daily basis. He wakes up in the morning, gets into uniform, and hits the streets to combat crime. Although the only crime being committed is him impersonating an officer, the sexy women he encounters on his beat don’t know that. With his patrol camera packed full of hidden cameras, and his lapel camera rolling, this faker is on a mission to fuck every hot chick he comes across. One of the best aspects of joining Fake Cop is that it is part of the Fake Hub network. As a member you receive access to all 7 sites when you become a paying member. Best of all, with our discount you can save up to 50% off your membership dues! While the normal monthly rate is listed at $24.95, our discount allows you to join for $17.45 per month of less. To join Fake Cop for cheap you have to use this link.

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