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Fitness Rooms

As a member of Fitness Rooms you can watch as athletic babes have sex at the gym, at the yoga studio, and at home. They get a workout in, just not the kind they were anticipating. Instead of traditional strength training with dumbbells, they instead use your hard cock. They jerk you off till they feel the burn in their arms and then it’s time for you to burn some calories of your own. You bend her over the incline bench, and pull down her yoga pants just enough to expose her shaved vagina. You slide inside her warm and inviting pussy and she grips your cock like a vice. It’s at that moment you decide to cum inside. Since Fitness Rooms is a brand spanking new site there are just 13 scenes to choose from, however we know for a fact that many more are on the way. With their current update schedule, you will find 3 new scenes every week along with matching images. If you are hooked on gym porn, and yoga babes, then you owe it to yourself to at least check out the free tour and watch some of the trailers. We are certain you will be pleased with what you find. Fitness Rooms has a standard membership fee of $29.99 per month but our deal reduces your monthly cost to just $17.45. That’s quite cheap, but if you want to save even more, you should check out the 3-month and 6-month plans. The 3-month membership grants you 90 days of access for just $41.99. That averages out to $14.00 per month. If you opt for the 6-month subscription, you will pay $69.99 every 180-days. This works out to just $11.66 per month, which is very good 62% price drop. Click here to visit Fitness Rooms now and pick your preferred membership plan.

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