67% Off POVD Discount


With 3D audio and the best quality video on the web, it’s no wonder POVD has become such a popular site in the point-of-view porn genre. Their unique filming style and diverse camera angles transport you right to the center of the action. It’s almost as if you’re in the scene, getting blown by a gorgeous porn star. At the moment there are 399 different movies to choose from, featuring one beautiful girl after another. Each scene is completely unique and exclusive, meaning you won’t find it anywhere else. The regular price of a POVD subscription price is $29.95, but if you join today, you pay just $17.95 per month. If you choose this option you’re saving $12 per month (a 40% lifetime discount).  But for maximum cash-saving, you might want to consider the 1 year subscription at a cost of $119.40, which is a savings of 67% off regular price, and reduces your monthly expense way down to $9.95. So, if you want to save up big on a membership at POVD you have to use this link no matter what.

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