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Public Disgrace

Most BDSM scenes are filmed on a porn set, however at Public Disgrace a great deal of the action takes place outdoors, often in broad daylight. The more public the location, the more pleasurable the experience for the woman. She wants as many eyeballs on her as possible while she receives her punishment. Needless to say, the women of Public Disgrace are not your typical girl next door type. They don’t want romance, they want to be dominated and humiliated in public for the whole world to see. They want to be bound and gang banged in the middle of the street. Flogged and whipped in a crowded bar. Fucked and jizzed on by a room full of random men. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can purchase access to the Public Disgrace member’s area now for just $19.99 for your first month. That’s $30.00 off the standard monthly rate of $49.99. If this one-time 60% discount isn’t good enough, and you want long-term savings, then you should consider a multi-month membership. The 1-year deal for $319.99 reduces your average monthly cost to just $26.67. That’s an excellent 47% discount and a total savings of nearly $280.00 over a 12-month period. If you subscribe today you will receive bonus access to the Kink Unlimited network which features 24 premium fetish sites and over 10K exclusive videos. Click this link to take advantage of these cheap offers before they expire.

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