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Today we’ve got an extra special treat for the reality porn lovers in the house. It’s a fantastic new site by the name of Shoplyfter that will change your opinion of mall cops entirely. This site is an excellent example of what can happen when retail theft gets out of hand. In these situations, the manager tends to relinquish power to his security team, who take their job very seriously. Every item stolen is a red mark on their permanent record, which could result in their eventual termination. Needless to say, you don’t want to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar under their watch. Especially if you’re a fine piece of ass such as Dolly Leigh. She’s apprehended with several pairs of stolen panties, though she initially denies any wrong doing. The loss prevention officer escorts her to his office where he continues the interrogation. When he threatens to call the police, she breaks down in tears. She tells him she can’t go to jail. He says he’s just doing his job then asks her to strip. It’s time for a full body search. Once she’s naked, he pulls out his hard cock, and tells her there might be a way for her to avoid jail time after all. If you join Shoplyfter now with our deal, you’ll pay just $14.87 per month which is 40% off the standard monthly rate of $24.87. To pay even less, purchase a 1-year membership and you’ll pay just $5.00 per month on average. You’ll receive instant access to the member’s area where you can watch Dolly’s extremely hot, 50-minute-long scene. Click here to visit Shoplyfter now and take advantage of these cheap prices while you still have the chance.

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